Throughout the various similarities and differences of the charts, I like the first one the most. It shows in great detail what a solution, element, mixture and heterogeneous mixture is. When I learn, I like to use pictures to help me understand the information.

The second and third graphic organizers are very similar in how they are set up. They start out with matter and go on too pure substances and mixtures. I really like how the third graphic organizer explains that a pure substance is an element and a compound is on the table of elements. It makes everything very clear.

Auriana Anderson :)


Be careful about saying compounds are on the table of elements. Compounds and elements are radically different. MW

I think its cool to see the separation of matter. It reminded me of when i put skittles in my water and the color separated into the bottle. I also did an experiment like this last year in my biology class. We used plants. Other experiments that can be done are with sharpies and highlighters. The video on youtube was really informative. It was like having the water evaporate and only having sugar left when distillation was used.

    • Measuring is used in everything. From shoe sizes to cooking its used in a lot of stuff. When cooking, you have to make that all of the ingredients are properly put into the right amounts. For example, table spoons and tea spoons are very easily confused. If one table spoon of baking soda was put into a food mixture instead of one tea spoon, it wont turn out right. If the measurement wasn't correct , the food wouldn't be good and I wouldn't eat it.

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I had just that situation last year when making cornbread. The recipe said Tablespoons of baking soda and I think it meant teaspoons - YUK! MW

I didn't know that the last of the v International System of Units was the kilogram. I didn't really understand the aricle much. It wasn't reallyProxy-Connection: keep-alive Cache-Control: max-age=0 oxy-Connection: keep-alive Cache-Control: max-age=0 0put in terms that I could understand. The%Proxy-Connection: keep-alive Cache-Control: max-age=0 base units that I know are Kelvin, Second, Meter, as well as a few others. I haven't heard of an ampere or a candela. Thats so
mething new that i learned. There were a lot of things in the article that i did not understand like what a cylinder of a platinum iridium alloy was. The Unit that I am interested most in would have to be Meter. I think of running and getting in shape for some reason. Its measuring distance.

Auriana Anderson :)

It's always nice when you can connect new learning to something like running or something you're already familiar with. :) MW

Okay so as I was reading the article, the only thing I could think was wow. Like do these people seriously have no life that they want to make it better and harm other people. What's the purpose for doing this? In my opinion, if you want to kill yourself then thats all on you. Just don't hurt other people. It just makes me think about how lucky I get when Im on a plane. There are so many weird crazy people out in the world !
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Good point but let's focus on what you learned in relation to chemistry. 4 stars. MW

Okay so the mole sight is not what I expected. It's actually pretty funny. It has its own pledge and everything. I think its interesting how I never even heard of this day before! The website had weird things like the mole of the year award, collection of shirts, and a shop, as well as many other things. From reading through it the mole is stuck in my head. I know exactly how much it is.( 6.02x10^23) I learned that it is celebrated at 6:02 a.m to 6:02 p.m. Its a pretty weird day !

Georgia Dust Explosion
This article was about dust explosion in Georgia. Oxygen and sugar were the reactants. I actually remember talking about a topic like this is cooking class. In a factory they have to do certain things to make sure that everything stays safe. The factory is very hot so there can not be dust lying around. That would result in a dust fire or explosion. Stoichiometry of chemical reactions play into explosion because it involves the rate of the reactions. The factory should have realized how much of that product would react with oxygen. So in ways I guess stoichiometry is very important.
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Well done! Good reference to cooking class. I imagine large bakeries have to watch out for this type of reaction!

I have learned a lot of information about the gas Sulfur hexafluoride. From class we watched a movie about how the gas is like the opposite of helium, but i learned much more. The gas makes your voice really deep but if you don't replenish your lungs with oxygen you can actually suffocate yourself. It creates a nonpolar molecule. In a helium ballon, the gas would creep out through the balloon making it smaller because the atoms are moving so fast they can leak out but the Sulfur Hexafluoide actually expands.

Good call on the non-polar comment! MW

There are three ways for motion detectors to work. They can have a heat sensor, sending signals out realizing that the reflection pattern has changed, and a light source. The heat sensor picks up radiation and the light recognizes movement when the light signal becomes blocked. It then realizes that there is something in front of it. In this way, is how it relates too wavelengths and electrons. I thought the article was worth reading and detailed a lot of the information.

Cool deal! MW